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Advancements in stem cell treatments continue to be made at a rapid pace. Keeping up with those advancements is critical in the cord blood banking industry. We pride ourselves on continuing to be the cord blood banking industry leader. 

Cryo-Cell International is the world's first and most highly accredited cord blood bank. Through innovation and dedication to quality, Cryo-Cell International sets the highest standards. Cryo-Cell is a leader in cord blood research and holds more cord blood patents, through its research affiliate, than any other cord blood bank. Cryo-Cell International is the bank of choice for parents and physicians. Keep up with the latest Cryo-Cell News. 

Cord Blood Banking Leader Cryo-Cell International Enters Into An Exclusive License Agreement with Duke University

Cryo-Cell International, Inc. (symbol: CCEL), the world’s first private cord blood bank to separate and store stem cells, has entered into a collaborative license agreement with Duke University. The agreement grants Cryo-Cell the rights to proprietary processes and regulatory data related to cord blood and cord tissue developed at Duke.

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Cord Blood Banking Leader Cryo-Cell Enters Into Patent Option Agreement With Duke University

Cryo-Cell International, Inc., the world’s first private cord blood bank to separate and store stem cells in 1992, announced that effective June 9, 2020, the Company has entered into a patent option agreement with Duke University. The six-month exclusive option agreement gives Cryo-Cell an option to obtain a license to manufacture and sell products based on Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg’s patents. 

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Cryo-Cell to Donate 50,000 Face Masks to OBGYN Practices and Patients Around the Country Amidst COVID-19

Cryo-Cell International, Inc., the world’s first private use cord blood bank, announced plans to donate fifty thousand face masks to obstetrics and gynecology practices around the United States to help support healthcare professionals in safely meeting the needs of their patients during the global pandemic. In addition, a portion of these masks will be donated to pregnant women to protect them during this special time in their lives.

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Cryo-Cell Confirms Specimen Longevity Of 23+ Years with Optimal CD34 Viability

Cryo-Cell International, Inc., the world’s first private use cord blood bank, announced today the results of specimen testing completed on samples stored from 1996, and determined stability of 23+ years with CD34 viability of 92% or greater.

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Cord Blood Educator Michele Mesbah's Interview with Expecting Parents and Baby Expo

As part of National Cord Blood Awareness Month, Cord Blood Educator and R.N. Michele Mesbah spoke with Expecting Parents & Baby Expo to help inform expectant parents about the benefits of cord blood banking.

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Beyond Mom's Interview with Cord Blood Educator Marion Welch

Marion Welch, a cord blood educator and advocate since 1998 when cord blood banking was still in its infancy, shares with Beyond Mom how her support system has helped her achieve her dreams and much more.

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Cryo-Cell International’s New 5-Chamber Cord Blood Cryo-Bag Gives Parents Multiple Treatment Options

Cryo-Cell International has launched a new forward-looking, five-chamber cord blood freezer bag, which will give parents and doctors the opportunity to use the baby’s stored cord blood stem cells multiple times.

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Cryo-Cell Announces New Advanced Collection Kit

Following an in-depth study lasting more than two years, Cryo-Cell International is proud to announce the development of a new advanced kit for the collection and transportation of clients' cord blood and tissue. The new kit provides 30 times more protection from outside temperatures than other kits currently used in the cord blood–banking industry and features a new jostle-free, eco-friendly briefcase design that securely hold each component of the kit in place during transportation. It will continue to provide a heparin-free cord blood collection bag as recommended by the FDA and the necessary materials to store more testing samples for the future benefit of our families.

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ABC details Cryo-Cell's life-saving service

ABC television’s Tampa Bay affiliate came to tour Cryo-Cell International’s lab to learn first-hand about how umbilical cord blood stem cells are being used to treat a growing number of diseases and disorders in children and adults. “This is not a science fiction movie,” explains Laura Harris of ABC. The piece covered many of the benefits of cord blood banking in general as well as what makes Cryo-Cell International the world’s leading cord blood bank.

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Cryo-Cell is Awarded the Most Prestigious Quality Accreditation

Cryo-Cell International is the first U.S. (for private use only) cord blood bank to receive FACT accreditation for adhering to the most stringent cord blood quality standards set by any internationally recognized, independent accrediting organization. This accreditation applies to all services and facilities that were inspected by FACT.

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