Cryo-Cell offers expecting parents a choice of two different methods of processing

1. Hetastarch® (HES) processing
2. PrepaCyte-CB® processing

Hetastarch (HES) processing of umbilical cord blood has been the industry standard since 1988 and thousands of transplants using HES processed cord blood have been successful.

In 2009, a new, more advanced technology for processing cord blood stem cells known as PrepaCyte-CB was developed. Cryo-Cell is the first major cord blood bank to embrace a superior technology that yields the maximum recovery of healthy stem cells and provides superior red blood cell depletion over all other methods.

Our processing method is just another example of how Cryo-cell continues to set the gold standard in the cord blood industry. Our commitment to quality leads to better outcomes for you and your family. We are committed, focused and driven towards obtaining the best possible stem cell collection for your baby and family.

More of What You Want

Cryo-Cell’s Premium processing method, PrepaCyte-CB, recovers significantly more viable stem cells (when measured by Colony Forming Units (CFUs) 4,5 than the processing method used by our competitors. This means better therapeutic outcomes for your baby.

Higher stem cell recovery
More than HES1
More than AXP1

Less of What You Don't

Cryo-Cell reduces red blood cell (RBC) contamination. Fewer red blood cells post processing means fewer toxic side effects.

Lower Red Blood Cell Count
RBC Depletion2, 3
HES (Viacord)
RBC Depletion
2, 3
RBC Depletion