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Our Mission

Cryo-Cell’s mission is to provide our clients with the premier cord blood and cord tissue cryopreservation service and to aid in the advancement of regenerative medicine.

The Company

Pride in our people, our practices and our potential to save lives.

Founded in 1989, Cryo-Cell was the world's first private cord blood bank to separate and store stem cells, in 1992. Today, the company has more than 500,000 clients from 87 countries. Through its continued efforts, it has retained its position of leadership in the field.

Cryo-Cell is a publicly traded company, OTCQB:CCEL, led by a board of directors, bound to certain standards of business conduct and ethics and held financially accountable by investors.

Some cord blood banks are simply marketing outlets that do not perform their own processing or storage. Cryo-Cell operates its own state-of-the-art processing, testing and cryopreservation operation. We are in complete control of every step, ensuring the highest quality available today.

Cryo-Cell’s laboratory operates in accordance with the guidelines set forth by our Medical and Scientific Advisory Board. In the Cryo-Cell laboratory, only qualified technologists handle specimens, and the specimens are individually processed using the industry’s gold standard method to maximize the recovery of stem cells.

Saneron CCEL Therapeutics, Inc.

Cryo-Cell holds an interest in more cord blood patents than any other cord blood bank through its equity position in Saneron CCEL Therapeutics (Saneron), a University of South Florida spin-out biotechnology company. Saneron is committed to advancing research using readily available, non-controversial cord blood stem cells. Saneron’s research focus is to actively seek new cellular therapy discoveries for treatment of and intervention in devastating, life-threatening illness and conditions such as heart attack, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and spinal cord injury. For more information, visit Saneron’s Web site: www.saneron-ccel.com