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There are a number of cord blood banks from which to choose, so why is Cryo-Cell the best?

For two decades, we have been a leader in the industry. We were the first cord blood bank to separate and store stem cells, in 1992, and the first to to design a collection and transportation kit that could provide 30 times more protection from extreme temperatures than kits used by other private cord blood banks. We are leaders in our field and at the forefront of research and development in its sciences. We offer a premium level of service, adhering to the highest standards of quality and practice. We employ qualified personnel and utilize the most advanced equipment in processing, testing and preserving the stem cells from the cord blood and cord tissue. We are a stable, successful, profitable, publicly traded (OTC QB: Symbol CCEL) corporation with a state-of-the-art facility near Tampa, Fla. We provide a superior level of customer service that’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Lastly, we never cease in our search for better ways to serve our clients, to propel the industry forward and to explore new medical uses for stem cells.


Our Features

Your Benefits

Highly Rated

Put your trust in a cord blood bank whose customers have continually given it a high number of positive reviews on third-party sites. People rate our service higher than any other cord blood bank.

Most Accreditations

Clients can receive better treatment outcomes because of our ability to meet the high standards and practices of the industry's leading licensures and organizations.

Two Processing Methods

Clients get a choice of two processing methods, the industry standard and a premium option that greatly enhances parents' return on investment.

Industry-Leading Advancements

From our superior collection kit to our forward-looking five-chamber storage bag, clients receive the very best of the industry through our development of superior services and products.

Financing plans

With our in-house 12-month and 24-month financing plans, parents can preserve their child's cord blood for as few as $3.00 a day.

No Enrollment Fee

We require no fee at enrollment. You don't pay until after your baby has been delivered and your baby's cord blood and cord tissue have been processed and stored.

Referral Program

We understand the power of word of mouth and the value that our clients' friends and family members provide. When a current client has a friend or family member who newly banks with us, the existing clients will receive one year of free annual storage.

Superior Transplant Record

We are the only cord blood bank to have a disclosed 100% percent viability record for all thawed cord blood collections used in transplantation.

$100,000 Engraftment Guarantee

In the event the cord blood processed using our PrepaCyte-CB method and stored by Cryo-Cell is used for transplant and fails to engraft with the client, we will compensate the client $100,000.

Donor Transplant Program

Free cord blood processing and up to five years of storage for qualifying families with an expectant child or sibling who will need a cord blood stem cell transplant in the near future.


1These programs and services are available only to clients enrolling under the new service agreement and fee structure, available beginning February 1, 2012. The above offerings cannot be made retroactively to clients who have already given birth or to those who enrolled before February 1, 2012 and who have not signed a new service agreement. Clients who have a due date of February 1, 2012 or later are welcome to participate in the offerings above under our new service agreement and fee structure. Prices, programs, and terms subject to change at any time.
2See limitations and exclusions in our program terms and conditions documents.