Cryo-Cell Headquarters Cryo-Cell's headquarters is the heart of our best-in-class cord blood and cord tissue services. It contains our administrative teams and our state-of-the-art laboratory. The cord blood and cord tissue themselves are housed in our cryogenic bunker, which is built with solid concrete walls and a reinforced ceiling built to withstand category 5 winds. An on-site industrial-grade diesel generator can provide emergency back-up power if ever needed, allowing us to continue to process specimens even if power is out in the residing area. A 6,000-gallon bulk tank helps provide an approximately 60-day supply of liquid nitrogen. The temperature of the cryogenic chambers are continuously monitored and do not rely on electricity, only liquid nitrogen, to maintain their temperatures.

Cryo-Cell's Laboratory

Cryo-Cell's laboratory is equipped with two ISO Class 7 clean rooms, where all the cord blood and cord tissue collections are processed. The air's pressure, humidity, particle count and temperature are all constantly monitored to ensure it meets specific standards. The laboratory also boasts automated equipment for cell counts, stem cell analyses, blood-typing and sterility checks. Cryo-Cell uses an advanced software system to store and manage the large quantity of laboratory data.


Cryo-Cell employs an extensive list of measures to ensure the security of our facility and the integrity of the stored cord blood and cord tissue. Our state-of-the-art video surveillance systems monitor all entrances, our laboratory and our cryogenic storage bunker. Access to the facility is controlled. There is no unauthorized access to the building, laboratory, cryogenic storage bunker, or data center/computer room.

Interested in a facility tour?

Cryo-Cell is located in Tampa Bay, Florida, and we welcome clients and healthcare providers to tour our state-of-the-art facility if they are in the area. To schedule a visit, call 1-800-786-7235 or email us.

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