Why Save Cord Blood?

How is Cord Blood Used?

Until the child is of legal age, the parents, as the child's guardians, have control over the stem cells. No stem cells will be released by us without the parents' consent. Once they reach legal age, the child's consent will be needed.

The preserved cord blood stem cells are a perfect match for the lifetime of the donor, and have a 75 percent chance of being a match for siblings who share the same mother and father. In fact, approximately half of stem cells transplants from us have gone toward siblings. (which is why you should store the cord blood of all the siblings.) Statistics show that there is a greater chance for success in a stem cell transplant between siblings than with unrelated donors. There is also a reduced likelihood of graft-versus-host disease (GVHD), which is a major complication of stem cell transplants. If you are planning on having additional children, we highly suggest you consider this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

In addition to siblings, a donor’s stem cells could potentially be useful to other family members who may need them, including the mother, father, grandparents, half siblings, etc.

Collecting Cord Blood and Tissue

Processing & Storing Cord Blood

How Much Does It Cost?

Why Choose Cryo-Cell?