Following an in-depth study lasting more than two years where we evaluated how well collection kits maintained temperatures, Cryo-Cell International has developed a new advanced collection and transportation kit for cord blood and tissue banking.

Our new kit provides 30 times longer protection from extreme temperatures than other kits currently used by other private cord blood banks, features a new jostle-free design to securely hold collections in place during transportation and provides the necessary materials to store more testing samples for the future benefit of our families.

Advanced cord blood collection kit
Inside our collection kits, parents will find the following:
  • Cord blood collection bag
  • Cord tissue container
  • 5 vials for the collection of the mother's blood
  • Vacuum-insulated panels
  • Phase-change gel packs
  • Temperature indicator
  • Parents' instructions and forms
  • Healthcare provider's instructions and forms

What makes our kit superior?

Temperature Control

During transportation to the cord blood laboratory, stem cells can lose viability and functionality when exposed to temperatures outside the range of 39–86 degrees Fahrenheit (4–30 degrees Celsius).49 In addition, some tests looking for the presence of infectious diseases are invalid if the blood stays above 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius) for more than 24 hours.

Keeping everything safe requires a well-insulated collection kit.

  • Vacuum-insulated panels

    The walls of the kit contain vacuum-insulated panels. Our kit's panels have been shown to provide 10 times more temperature insulation than comparable materials used in the kits of other cord blood banks.

  • Phase-change gel packs

    The collection kit utilizes state-of-the-art gel packs containing phase-change material (PCM), which requires no refrigeration or freezing yet provides maximum temperature control. Phase-change materials absorb or release thermal energy as they experience changes in the ambient temperature. This gives them the ability to consistently maintain the moderate temperatures needed in a cord blood collection kit.

  • Temperature indicators

    An internal indicator continuously monitors the temperature during transportation and alerts us if there was a temperature excursion above 86 degrees or below 39 degrees.

Cord blood collection bag

Our cord blood collection bag can hold 250 milliliters, or a little more than one cup, of cord blood. It uses the anti-coagulant citrate–phosphate–dextrose (CPD) as recommended by the FDA.

Heparin, another type of anti-coagulant used by other cord blood banks, disrupts and impairs the functional capacity of cells used for cardiovascular repair.48 Studies also show that CPD collection bags increase stem cell yield by more than 50 percent compared with heparin collection bags.37 Heparin is not recommended by the FDA.

During processing, the contents of the collection bag will ultimately make their way to our new forward-looking, five-compartment cord blood storage bag. It allows for multiple uses of the baby’s cord blood stem cells. It also works in conjunction with other proprietary changes that have increased stem cell viability by 10 percent.

Cord tissue container

Our cord tissue collection cup contains 70 mL, or a little more than 2 fluid ounces, of a proprietary antibiotic–sterile saline solution to preserve and to protect the specimen during transportation. The container has been validated to withstand extreme pressure changes, ensuring its contents are secure.

Mother's blood vials

Our kit comes with five vials, each can hold five milliliters, or approximately one teaspoon, of the mother's blood. Cryo-Cell International is currently the only private cord blood bank that is compliant with the highest international transplant standards and preserves more samples of the maternal blood than other cord blood banks. In addition, Cryo-Cell International retains and preserves the plasma and red cells left behind when the cord blood is processed. (These are routinely discarded by other cord blood banks.) These two measures are taken to facilitate possible future transplant needs and in the anticipation of possible future developments in medical science.

Streamlined, eco-friendly design

The size of our collection kit has been streamlined into a small briefcase-like design and almost fully comprises recyclable materials, and the insulation chambers are completely re-usable. This makes it safer for the environment and is part of our continued efforts to institute "green" procedures, processes and products whenever possible. Inside, new jostle-free placeholders securely hold collections in place during transportation.


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