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Hendersons: Our First Transplant Story
The Henderson family has a special place in our hearts because it was our very first transplant. In June of 2001, Julie and Jonathan Henderson found out that a new baby was on the way, but only one short month later, they found out that their two-year-old son, Nicolas, had T-cell lymphoma. What was supposed to be an exciting time preparing for the addition to the family turned into months of doctor visits, hospital stays and chemotherapy. After Nicolas's chemotherapy failed to work, the Hendersons' doctor decided to try a relatively new transplant procedure for the time that would use stem cells taken from the umbilical cord blood of their baby, Nathaniel.

Read the Full Henderson Story
apraxia cord blood banking testimonial video
When the Yankovich family decided to store their children's cord blood, they were hoping to never have to use it. The decision to store was one they would soon not regret.

Their second daughter, Rebecca, was diagnosed with childhood speech apraxia, a type of neurological disorder that affects the ability to execute motor functions, but after she was infused with her own cord blood stem cells processed and cryogenically preserved by Cryo-Cell International, her motor functions improved and her speech “blossomed.”

Watch Rebecca's Story
After watching my cousin at about 4 years old battle leukemia—and I mean battle this cancer—I decided that storing each of my kids' cord blood was an absolute necessity. Knowing that one's own cord blood will always be a perfect match is all the assurance I needed. I'm sure in 10-plus years, researchers will find even more uses for cord blood.

My advice to anybody who's contemplating whether they should pay the money to store blood is that one day if you may need that cord blood for your child or even a sibling (because cord blood can be used to save the life of a sibling), you will wish that you had stored your baby's cord blood.

From one very happy Cryo-Cell client, x4!
Celebrity couple Jason Biggs & Jenny Mollen
Biggs and Mollen
We may joke a lot in life, but all kidding aside, when we learned the facts about how stem cells from cord blood and cord tissue can be used to possibly save lives, hell-yeah, we stored.

And knowing that our baby’s stem cells might be used for our whole family made the decision that much easier. We hope we never have to use them, but it is a definite relief to know it’s there and stored safely at Cryo-Cell.

We did our research and compared our options, but when it came down to it, we could trust our baby’s stem cells only with Cryo-Cell. Cryo-Cell is the first in the world to do this, their reputation is second-to-none and their processing method is superior to the others.
Bryan Dattilo (Lucas) Days of Our Lives star and his wife Liz Cameron Dattilo
We were so excited to bank our daughter Delila's umbilical cord blood with Cryo-cell—nothing but the best for my little girl! My wife did all the research, and Cryo-cell's reputation really impressed us. Working with Cryo-cell was so easy. They were so nice and on top of things, the experience was great, and we would absolutely recommend them to anyone.

—Bryan Dattilo
Tammie Fischer
We struggled for many years to have our daughter. We used donor insemination and don't have access to the bio-father, so we knew that we wanted to protect our daughter. It wasn't even a question. During our research, we found Cryo-Cell and knew that this was the place for us.

It gives us peace of mind to know that if we needed help, we have you there for us. Thank you for all that you do to help and to give peace to those of us who need it.

—Tammie Fischer
"Play with your children, it's the best investment you'll ever make!"
Christine and Robert
Christine and Robert
I initially liked Cryo-Cell because of the price as compared to other cord blood banks, but as I continued my research, I found your website to be very comprehensive and informative and your staff very knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. After such a good experience with our first daughter's cord blood, there was no question about banking with Cryo-Cell again for our second.
My daughter Bailey is one of the first cord blood babies in my circle of friends. Although she is my third child but because her father is white and I am black and as we are aware of the difficulties faced when ethnic and multi-ethnic people are faced with serious illnesses, we felt it would be wise to bank her cord blood. We are also supporters of stem cell research and applaud Cryo-Cell for your groundbreaking research, strong reputation and continued advances. Your reputation describes Bailey to a T! She is a smart, strong, vibrant young lady whose attention to detail in her fields of interest and strong sense of justice and service will serve her and her community well. Just like Cryo-Cell. Thank you for the opportunity to share our story, and continued success and breakthroughs in your wonderful work.


Proud Cryo-Cell Mom
Patrick Andrew
This is my pride and joy, Patrick Andrew. I was adamant on storing his cord blood, and my very practical husband had to begrudgingly agree. The company was recommended by my OB. I still asked and got info from the other companies. I chose Cryo-Cell because it offered the most affordable pricing and great service. I'm so glad I took this chance to give my son added security for the future. I wish I was able to do it 10 years ago with his older brother, Aidan, who's just as equally loveable. And if we do have more kids, I'm sure we'll bank again with Cryo-Cell.
In 1999, after four miscarriages, we found out that the fifth time was the charm, and on Oct. 26, 2000, Preston was born. We weren't familiar with cord blood stem cell technology; it wasn't available when my step-children were born. We began doing research and decided Cryo-Cell was the company we would trust with Preston's future. After quite a bit of research, we found that Cryo-Cell fit our needs more than the other options we came across primarily because they were a family-oriented storage facility.

Lisa and I both lost loved ones to cancer. The day that we found out about the pregnancy, I also found out that my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It just made sense to invest in a life-saving policy should something unforeseen happen with Preston. Preston was a miracle for our family and we wanted to give him every opportunity in life.
Caelyn is our second child, and we did not know about the benefits of banking cord blood with our first daughter. After a good deal of research, we decided to bank Caelyn's cord blood with Cryo-Cell for several reasons. Cryo-Cell was the oldest company, which made us comfortable with their stability and longevity. Cryo-Cell also offered the most reasonable rates. The process to collect and send the blood was also simple and speedy. It was barely an interruption in the regular birthing process at all. The courier arrived quickly and picked up the package with minimal disturbance. We sincerely hope that we never need to use our stored blood, but rest much more comfortably knowing that it is there! Thanks, Cryo-Cell.
We ordered the stem cord kit for our first born, but missed. She (Morgan) came 3 weeks too early, I was slow ordering the kit, and it came the day we all got home. We passed the kit to our best friends that delivered seven weeks later. We were better prepared for our second born, Sydney, in 2003. Cryo-Cell staff were very nice and personable to speak with when we were investigating companies. The cost and security of location were also favorable factors in our decision. I wish I could emphasize how strongly I feel about doing this for all the babies. I am sad that both of my girls didn't get banked. I pray they never need to use the stem cells, but maybe could share with each other or cousin if something were to come up.
Lauren & Anthony
Lauren and Anthony
My name is Amanda L. My husband, Joseph, and I have used your service for our two children and have been extremely satisfied with both experiences. My daughter, Lauren, was born April 11, 2003, and my son, Anthony, was born January 12, 2005. My husband's sister had childhood leukemia, so it was imperative to us that we enroll in a stem cell preservation program. Our main reason for choosing your particular service is simple: You were recommended by Anthony and Laura L., who were also extremely satisfied with your service. I believe that word of mouth speaks volumes. I myself have recommended you to Deanna B. and Suzanne S. and will continue to speak highly of your service.
I chose Cryo-Cell because it had a great reputation, and with the amount of cancer in my family, I knew that investing in the future of science was the right choice. Here is little Wyatt that will hopefully never need his stem cells but can help other family members or even strangers. Thanks!
Baquerizo Family
Isabell and Juan Baquerizo have stored all five of their kids’ cord blood with Cryo-Cell International. They first heard of Cryo-Cell ten years ago from their OBGYN in Guayaquil, Ecuador, where they reside. Juan came to Quito where he met Cryo-Cell’s Ecuadorean ambassador, Anat Zoldan, and she became their Cryo-Cell connection for all five kids.

“I would call Anat and tell her, We are having baby number 2 … We are having baby number 3,” explains Juan. “It’s insurance for them for life. Same as you open an account for each of your children to save for the university, we wanted each child to have the same protection. This is much more important than anything else.”