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Cord Blood & Tissue Pricing

At Cryo-Cell, we are committed to offering a high standard of service at the best price possible, with absolutely no unexpected fees or hidden surcharges. We regularly offer specials and have a number of discounts available for current clients, referrals, multiple births and medical professionals. We will even meet the price of any reputable competitor through our best-price guarantee.


Our standard cord blood service begins at only $675 (with current offer) and for just $350 more, you can upgrade to our premium service using a more advanced cord blood processing technology that has been shown to be more effective in transplants. For an additional $375, you can also store your baby's cord tissue.

  Spring Sale
  Cord Blood Cord Blood & Cord Tissue
  Standard Premium Standard + Tissue Premium + Tissue
  Processing, Testing & Medical Courier
Processing, Testing & Medical Courier $1500 $1850 $2470 $2820
  First Year of Storage
First Year of Storage $185 $370
  Retail Price
Retail Price $1,685 $2,035 $2,840 $3,190
  Spring Sale
Coupon Code: MAR 23
Spring Sale 
Coupon Code: MAR23
$875 OFF $875 OFF $1415 OFF $1415 OFF
  Total Cost
Total Cost $810 $1160 $1425 $1775
  Flex Payment
Flex Payment*
Limited Time Offer
$68 / Month $97 / Month $119 / Month $148 / Month

Annual Storage Fee

Our annual storage fee is due every year on the birth date of the child and covers the cost of storage until the following birthday. The fee is the same $185 for both our standard and our premium cord blood services. The annual cord tissue storage fee is an additional $185.

Service Annual Fee
Cord Blood $185
Cord Blood & Cord Tissue $370

Long-Term Storage Specials

Save by paying in advance for 18 years of storage. This plan covers all the initial fees (collection kit, courier service, processing, and preservation) and the cost of 18 years of continuous storage. A lifetime plan is also available; call for details.

  Cord Blood Cord Blood & Cord Tissue
  Standard Premium Standard + Tissue Premium + Tissue
  Processing, Testing & Medical Courier
Processing, Testing & Medical Courier $1500 $1850 $2470 $2820
  18 years of Storage
18 Years of Storage $3330 $3330 $6660 $6660
  Retail Price
Retail Price $4830 $5180 $9130 $9480
  Coupon Code MAR23
Prepaid Storage Savings
Use Code: MAR23
$1707 OFF $1707 OFF $3080 OFF $3080 OFF
  Total Cost
Total Cost $3123 $3473 $6050 $6400
12 Month Financing 12 Month Financing*
12 Month Financing* $260 / Month $289 / Month $504 / Month $533 / Month
  24 Month Financing*
24 Month Financing** $109 / Month $120 / Month $200 / Month $211 / Month
cord blood collection kit

*Fee schedule subject to change without notice. If a client has received a kit and discontinues services prior to collection, there is no cancellation fee if the kit is returned unused within two weeks from cancellation notice; otherwise, a $150 kit replacement fee will be assessed. †The cost of our medical courier service is included in the Continental USA, and an additional $50 in Alaska, Hawai'i and Puerto Rico. International clients must choose a courier service, and will be billed directly by their selected courier.  ††Applies to one-year plan and promotional plan only. After the first year, an annual storage fee will apply. Cryo-Cell guarantees to match any written offer for product determined to be similar at Cryo-Cell’s sole discretion. ** Promotional Plan cannot be combined with any other promotional offers, coupons or financing. 

*For all 12-month payment plans, the total cost of storage will be divided into 12 equal installments, with no additional deposit or service fee.**For 24-month payment plans, a 25% deposit is required at the time of enrollment. A monthly service fee is included in the monthly payment, for finance plans greater than 12 months. For the length of the term, the annual storage fee is included in the monthly payments. Upon the child's birthday that ends the term and every birthday after that, an annual storage fee will be due. These fees are currently $185 for cord blood and $185 for cord tissue and are subject to change. The payments listed above are based on a single birth, if you are expecting multiple babies, please contact us for more information. In-house financing cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. 

In order to preserve more types and quantity of umbilical cord stem cells and to maximize possible future health options, Cryo-Cell’s umbilical cord tissue service provides expectant families with the opportunity to cryogenically store their newborn’s umbilical cord tissue cells contained within substantially intact cord tissue. Should umbilical cord tissue cells be considered for potential utilization in a future therapeutic application, further laboratory processing may be necessary. Regarding umbilical cord tissue, all private blood banks’ activities for New York State residents are limited to collection, processing, and long-term storage of umbilical cord tissue stem cells. The possession of a New York State license for such collection, processing and long-term storage does not indicate approval or endorsement of possible future uses or future suitability of these cells.