Latest Cryo-Cell International Developments

Advancements in stem cell treatments continue to be made at a rapid pace. Keeping up with those advancements is critical in the cord blood banking industry. We pride ourselves on continuing to be the cord blood banking industry leader. 

Cryo-Cell International is the world's first and most highly accredited cord blood bank. Through innovation and dedication to quality, Cryo-Cell International sets the highest standards. Cryo-Cell is a leader in cord blood research and holds more cord blood patents, through its research affiliate, than any other cord blood bank. Cryo-Cell International is the bank of choice for parents and physicians. Keep up with the latest Cryo-Cell News. 

Cryo-Cell Announces Publication of Collective Paper Outlining Potential Benefits of Transplanting Umbilical Cord and Menstrual Blood-Derived Stem Cells

Cryo-Cell International, one of the world’s largest and most established family cord blood banks and an industry leader of innovative stem cell solutions, today announced the publication of a collective paper outlining the potential benefits of transplanting stem cells derived from umbilical cord and menstrual blood cells. 

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