Transplantation of porcine umbilical cord matrix mesenchymal stem cells in a mouse model of Parkinson's disease

The present study compared mesenchymal stem cells derived from umbilical cord matrix (UCM-MSCs) with bone marrow (BM-MSCs) of miniature pigs on their phenotypic profiles and ability to differentiate in vitro into osteocytes, adipocytes and neuron-like cells. This study further evaluated the therapeutic potential of UCM-MSCs in a mouse Parkinson's disease (PD) model. Differences in expression of some cell surface and cytoplasm specific markers were evident between UCM-MSCs and BM-MSCs. However, the expression profile indicated the primitive nature of UCM-MSCs, along with their less or non-immunogenic features, compared with BM-MSCs. Our findings of xenotransplantation have collectively suggested the potential utility of UCM-MSCs in developing viable therapeutic strategies for PD. Keep Reading