Cord tissue to treat arthritis is for the dogs—too

canine clinical trial stem cells arthritis (Source: WPTV)

The stem cells in umbilical cord blood and tissue aren’t just for humans; other mammals, such as man’s best friend, may be able to benefit, too.

If your favorite canine is dogged by joint pain and is a bit stiff in the limbs, a new trial is about to start at the St. Francis Pet Care Center in Tarpon Springs using the umbilical cord tissue to treat arthritis in man’s best friend. The stem cell therapy uses the umbilical cords of donor dogs, and the treatment is not only available for free but owners are paid for their participation.

The use of umbilical cord tissue to treat athritis is not just for the dogs, either. A number of clinical trials are underway testing the safety and efficiacy of umbilical cord stem cells to treat arthritis in humans. These trials are using cord tissue stem cells to treat rheumatoid arthritis, which is an autoimmune condition, and degenerative arthritis, like osteoarthritis, which is result of damage to joint cartilage over time.

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