Adopting a New Cord Blood Processing Technology

Benefits of Prepacyte -CB

This November, Cryo-Cell is embracing a processing technology that results in a superior stem cell sample. It does this by doing the following:
  1. Depleting more harmful red blood cells
  2. Retaining more desirable stem cells
Red blood cell contamination has been shown to cause serious complications in transplant patients, including renal failure and hemolytic transfusion reactions. In the past, it was not possible to remove more red blood cells without losing more stem cells.  The challenge has always been finding an acceptable balance. In this technology, we found a solution for this decades-old dilemma.

Here are the independent statistics when comparing this technology to two widely used cord blood processing methods:

This technology removes up to 99% of red blood cells compared to methods used by competitors that range between 56-82% removal, at best.
This technology has shown a stem cell (as determined by CFU, Colony Forming Units) recovery rate of 82% in comparison to the 47–63% rate shown with the other methods.
Upon thaw and immediately preceding a stem cell transplant, there is usually a “washing” step to remove undesired contaminants that result from cells that do not freeze and thaw well, such as red blood cells. Because this technology has previously removed the red blood cell contamination to a negligible quantity, transplant physicians now can assess the feasibility of eliminating the “washing” step.

Proven Track Record of Success

The technology has been tested independently for several years by one of the world’s leading public banks, the St. Louis Cord Blood Bank.  Based on actual transplant outcomes, the study was able to confirm the superior performance of the process.
The result of the study, presented in the 16th Annual International Society for Cellular Therapy Meeting in May 2012, shows that CFU recovery using this method was superior to that of any other method tested.
According to a 9 years and 435 patients study by Duke University, CFU count is the best predictor for transplant engraftment (how fast the transplanted cells take hold and flourish in the patient’s body).

Advice for Expectant Parents

The method used to process your baby’s cord blood is an indicator of the final quality of the stem cells. At Cryo-Cell our goal is to ensure that your baby’s stem cells will pass all criteria required by the transplant center should those cells be needed in the future. Carefully evaluate the processing method utilized when trying to make your decision where to bank your baby’s cord blood.


Last Updated on: 09/14/2023 by Oleg Mikulinsky