Our commitment to quality

The ultimate goal of all cord blood banks when processing is to get the most cord blood stem cells possible that will work when needed. To achieve this goal there are many steps that come prior to that final cord blood stem cell collection going into the freezer.  Collection, transportation, processing, freezing and storing all contribute to the overall quality of the cord blood product. Any one of these steps, if not done correctly, could result in a once in a lifetime collection being unusable.

In the Quality Assurance department, it is our job to make sure that each step is evaluated, the best choice is made, and once implemented, consistently applied.  This approach is not only performed for each step in the process but also to the equipment, supplies, and the facility we process in.  Even changes that we want to make go through this process first to make sure that the change will produce a better product. While we do evaluate our overall cord blood banking cost, Cryo-Cell’s focus is on quality!

Our commitment to quality shows in Cryo-Cell’s choosing to follow the Quality Standards of AABB, FACT and ISO 9001. To us, this means that we go through rigorous evaluations of our quality system (audits) by the best people in our field to ensure that we are applying the most up to date quality procedures. If accepted, we are issued a certificate to prove that we meet their standards. 

We are proud to say we have been meeting AABB standards since 2003 without interruption, we have become in 2014 the first privately held U.S. cord blood bank to become FACT accredited, and we have been ISO certified since 2005.  The importance of these accreditations in cord blood banking is that it gives us guidelines so we can consistently evaluate how we apply quality at Cryo-Cell.  This is most important to cord blood banking as advances in technology are constantly being discovered but our goal for the best quality cord blood product remains unchanged.

Last Updated on: 10/03/2023 by Diane Paradise