A Family's Health History and Cord Blood Banking

Many things were different during my pregnancy 35 years ago, yet one constant remained: the inquiry about your family's health history. Providing my answer was simple, as my parents, then in their mid-60s, were consistently healthy. When the doctor asked about my family health history, I confidently replied, "No, nothing noteworthy."
Through subsequent pregnancies, the question persisted during prenatal visits, and my response remained unchanged. My parents continued to enjoy good health.
New Health History Emerges: Macular Degeneration and Parkinson’s Disease
However, our family's health narrative took an unexpected turn after the birth of my third child. My previously healthy and active father received a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease. Shortly after, my mother was diagnosed with macular degeneration, a condition causing vision loss. My family history unveiled a generational pattern of vision issues in my family, which we had previously dismissed as part of normal aging. Suddenly, our family's health history looked significantly different and I was starting to become concerned for my family’s future health. My parent’s diagnoses highlighted the reality that few families escape genetic predispositions unscathed.
Cord Blood Education for Expectant Parents

Driven by these personal experiences, I became involved in educating expectant mothers about the benefits of cord blood banking. I delved into understanding cord blood stem cells and witnessed the major advancements in the field since the first cord blood transplant in 1988.
Today, cord blood and cord tissue stem cells are utilized in repairing damaged tissue, with over 175 clinical trials utilizing them. Cord blood and cord tissue stem cells are now in clinical trials to treat macular degeneration and Parkinson’s disease.
My mission for the last 25 years has been to ensure that parents grasp the uniqueness of cord blood stem cells. It's crucial for expecting parents to educate themselves about cord blood banking and its clinical applications in transplants and regenerative medicine, particularly for future disorders.
I wish cord blood and cord tissue banking was available to me when I had my children 35 years ago. You can be certain that my all my grandchildren have their cord blood banked at Cryo-Cell.
Thirty-five years ago, cord blood preservation was just emerging as an option for expectant families. Today, 31 states have legislation that mandates or encourages cord blood education by the third trimester.
Cord blood banking is more affordable than ever before and the cost pales in comparison to the peace of mind it offers in potentially treating future health challenges, whether known or unknown.

  • Marion Kalstein Welch, Sr. Cord Blood Educator

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