Team Cryo-Cell International

About a month ago, I wrote a blog piece, “Cord Blood Banking, It’s Personal.” I had been at our annual cord blood educators’ conference and felt so inspired by this group of passionate, knowledgeable educators, helping expecting parents understand the tremendous importance of storing their babies’ umbilical cord blood and cord tissue stem cells. This month, another aspect of Cryo-Cell International’s passion for families shined through.

Joe DiMaggio Children’s hospital's toy drive

One of our client service representatives started a grass roots charity drive to raise money and/or get new toys donated to the Joe DiMaggio Children’s hospital not far from our Miami office. As a cord blood banking company, we are by our nature often confronted with the reality of a sick child. Seventy-nine families have successfully used their baby’s stem cells stored at Cryo-Cell for transplants. As a company, we become part of these families’ stories.

What this toy drive reminded me of, is that our company’s dedication to children and families’ well-being is a direct reflection of our individual employees’ personal dedication to children and families’ well-being. Team Cryo-Cell International was able to purchase 98 toys for the kids at Joe DiMaggio for the holiday season. I went with the client service representative to the hospital to deliver the toys. (We needed both of our SUV’s space to fit all of the gifts!) As we were unloading them with the help of one of the hospital’s volunteer ‘elves,’ I was showering praise on my co-worker. He just kept unloading the toys and said to me, “next year we need to double this.”

Cryo-cell's part

The strength of Cryo-Cell International is the outgrowth of many aspects. Any comparison of cord blood banking companies will show Cryo-Cell’s superiority in our processing technology, our industry-leading collection kit, our having the most (and most important) accreditations. And then there’s more. I hearken back to a recent cord blood banking review someone posted on our company on Yelp. “A company is represented by its employees. [The cord blood field educator], the gentleman who set the pick-up and the one who did the pick-up were the best team we could have by our side.”

I feel the same way working side by side with this incredible group of people. Way to go Cryo-Cell International.

Last Updated on: 12/11/2023 by Oleg Mikulinsky