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Enrolling in Cryo-Cell's cord blood– and cord tissue–banking services is EASY!

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After submitting the form, you'll get contacted by a Cryo-Cell representative at the time specified to finalize your enrollment and go over further details of the cord blood–banking process. If entering a coupon code, the price will be adjusted by the coupon amount when your Cryo-Cell International representative makes contact with you.

Expect to receive a confirmation e-mail shortly. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail and we do not make contact with you at the specified date and time, please call us at 1-800-STOR-CELL or send an e-mail to info@cryo-cell.com, and we will be happy to assist you.

Alternative Way to Enroll

In addition to the form above, you can enroll by phone. Call us at your convenience at 1-800-STOR-CELL (800-786-7235).

1Fee schedule subject to change without notice. If a client has received a kit and discontinues services prior to collection, the kit must be returned within 14 days of the due date or a $150 non-refundable discontinuation fee will be applied. †Add $50 for medical courier service from Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Subtract $50 for medical courier service from Tampa Bay, Florida area. ††Applies to 1-year plan only. After the first year, an annual storage fee will apply. If in-house financing is provided, the first payment will be billed upon enrollment.

In order to preserve more types and quantity of umbilical cord stem cells and to maximize possible future health options, Cryo-Cell’s umbilical cord tissue service provides expectant families with the opportunity to cryogenically store their newborn’s umbilical cord tissue cells contained within substantially intact cord tissue. Should umbilical cord tissue cells be considered for potential utilization in a future therapeutic application, further laboratory processing may be necessary. Regarding umbilical cord tissue, all private blood banks’ activities for New York State residents are limited to collection, processing, and long-term storage of umbilical cord tissue stem cells. The possession of a New York State license for such collection, processing and long-term storage does not indicate approval or endorsement of possible future uses or future suitability of these cells.