To Show or Not to Show

I often go through a similar thought process before signing up to exhibit at expecting parents expos. At first, the deterrents rear their ugly head.

Not to show

In the sea of so many compelling exhibitors, is it even possible to stand out?

Is the amount of preparation really worth it?

Will anyone even listen long enough to understand who we are and what we do?

To show

But in the end, I overcome all of my own objections for one simple reason: I feel compelled to educate expecting parents on the importance of cord blood banking. Though the practice of storing the stem cells found in a newborn’s cord blood and cord tissue has gained tremendous traction, there are still so many expecting parents who aren’t aware of it or, worse, have misconceptions about it.

So, I’m taking my knowledge to the upcoming Expecting Parents & Baby Expo to be held on October 18 at Terrace on the Park in Queens, NY. It will be jam packed with activities and opportunities to learn about the latest, best products and services for newborns. But for me, as a Cord Blood Field Educator for Cryo-Cell International, what drew me to the Expo is the opportunity to present the latest developments in stem cell research and the critical role stem cells play in regenerative medicine.

Though there are countless online resources some terrific pregnancy apps, I find that nothing replaces the face-to-face discussions I inevitably get into as a passionate advocate for umbilical cord blood banking. And it’s never just about cord blood banking costs. Parents come questioning cord blood banking pros and cons and wind up learning about the use of cord blood in clinical trials to potentially treat autism, cerebral palsy and type 1 diabetes. I have met families who have family histories of certain cancers or immunological disorders for whom stem cell banking for potential future use in the family is therefore incredibly compelling.

My main objective has been reached if even just one expecting mom leaves the expo having decided to store her baby’s cord blood stem cells. I’m even quite happy if one expecting mom leaves simply considering storing her baby’s stem cells whereas she came not even knowing the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity exists!

And between you and the blogosphere, once I’ve turned on their switch to cord blood banking, I know they will choose Cryo-Cell International for their stem cell storage. Cryo-Cell International was the first cord blood bank to separate and store stem cells, the first cord blood bank to adopt the industry’s premium processing method, and the first private cord blood bank to be awarded FACT (the Foundation for the Accreditation for Cellular Therapy) accreditation for voluntarily adhering to the most stringent quality standards in the industry. Since inception, 100% of Cryo-Cell International’s clients’ specimens have been viable upon thaw and no other cord blood company can make that statement. Today, over 500,000 parents worldwide have trusted Cryo-Cell International to store their baby's cord blood stem cells.
It turns out, Cryo-Cell does stand out, loads of people listen, and all the effort is very much worth its while.

Last Updated on: 06/27/2023 by Oleg Mikulinsky