Cord Blood Banking, It's Personal

Last week, Cryo-Cell International’s group of cord blood educators got together for their annual cord blood banking educational conference to share their experiences of educating parents about the importance of cord blood. As a member of the marketing team, I was more of an observer than an active participant, trying to better understand how I can help provide them with the materials they may need out in the field.

What I quickly learned, was that THEY are the best material any company can provide. There’s not a marketing piece under the sun that can capture this group’s passion for, knowledge of, and commitment to the importance of cord blood banking. Many cord blood banks churn out eye-catching marketing pieces and still others try to attract the expecting parent by offering low cord blood banking costs. At Cryo-Cell International, cord blood banking and cord tissue banking is personal.

Cryo-Cell International’s cord blood educators share a life’s commitment to expecting moms and their babies and I was struck by the stories that a number of them shared. For some, their commitment to stem cell therapy and the importance of cord blood banking is fueled by their real life experiences of a sibling or even their own child’s illness or disability. They understand first-hand that as regenerative medicine continues to advance, the likelihood of these stem cells being used for treatment is steadily increasing. One morning, we reviewed 40 of the close to 400 current clinical trials using cord blood to treat diseases.

Toward the end of our conference, we gave out various awards to a few of the educators for their dedication and devotion to helping expecting moms.  In reality, the whole cadre deserves a reward. But clearly, that’s not what it’s about for this group. As a reviewer wrote about Cryo-Cell International on Yelp earlier this month, “A company is represented by its employees. [the cord blood field educator], the gentleman who set the pick-up and the one who did the pick-up were the best team we could have by our side.” That’s because for everyone at Cryo-Cell, it’s personal. It’s family.

Last Updated on: 12/11/2023 by Oleg Mikulinsky