Цены на хранение пуповинной крови и пуповинной ткани для новых клиентов

Когда Вы принимаете решение о сохранении пуповинной крови или ткани Вам необходимо найти баланс в стоимости, учитывая ваши доходы, нужды и историю заболеваний в семье. Многие родители предпочитают, сохранить пуповинную кровь и пуповинную ткань со стволовыми клетками для оптимальной защиты семьи. Мы часто слышим от наших клиентов, что сохранение  стволовых клеток в пуповинной крови новорожденного с компанией Cryo-Cell является одним из самых правильных решений, которые они сделали. Большое количество довольных клиентов по всему миру, которые к нам обратились повторно является лишним подтверждением этого факта. Прочитать Отзывы. Как выражение нашей признательности за оказанное доверие, Cryo-Cell предоставляет существенные скидки своимклиентам обращающимся повторно, а также для новых клиентов, которые ранее сохранили стволовые клетки в других банках пуповинной крови.

Cord Blood and Tissue Banking Pricing

We offer standard and premium processing options for our cord blood service. The standard cord blood processing method has been in place since 1988 and thousands of transplants using this method have been successful. Our premium service uses a superior new type of processing, which greatly enhances your return on investment and captures more stem cells (what you want) while reducing the number of red blood cells and other contaminants (what you don't want). Please visit our processing technology page to learn about our standard and premium processing methods.

  Standard Plan Premium Plan
Cord Blood Processing Technology


(PrepaCyte CB)

Cord Blood Only
$200 OFF
$200 OFF
Cord Blood and Cord Tissue
$200 OFF
$200 OFF

Everything You'll Receive

At Cryo-Cell, our upfront costs are always all-inclusive. There are never any hidden fees or surcharges, and this includes both Standard and Premium options.


cord blood collection kit
Our services include:  
Collection kit Available
Medical courier service Available
Testing of the mother's blood for infectious disease Available
Testing of the baby's blood for contamination and infectious disease Available
Processing of the cord blood using FACT-accredited methods Available
Processing of the cord tissue if applicable Available
Full report on the collection preserved Available
First year of storage Available

Annual Storage Fee

Our annual storage fee is due every year on the birth date of the child and covers the cost of storage until the following birthday. The fee is the same $150 for both our standard and our premium cord blood services. The annual cord tissue storage fee is an additional $150.


Annual Fee

Cord Blood Only


Cord Blood and Cord Tissue

Long-Term Storage Costs

Save by paying in advance for 21 years of storage through our long-term storage plan. This plan covers all the initial fees (collection kit, courier service, processing, and preservation) and the cost of 21 years of continuous storage. A lifetime plan is also available; call for details.



Cord Blood Only
$700 OFF
$700 OFF
Cord Blood and Cord Tissue
$1,700 OFF
$1,700 OFF


In-House Financing

We have 12- and 24-month in-house payment plans to spread the initial cost out over time. They require no credit check and begin with little money down. Starting at approximately $2.50 a day, you can help safeguard your baby's future. After the term of the payment plan, you are then only responsible for the annual storage fee, which begins at approximately $12 a month depending on which services you have chosen.

12-month Storage Plan — Single Birth

Service Down Payment* Monthly Payment**
Cord Blood $199 $128
Cord Blood and Cord Tissue $299 $199
Cord Blood Premium $199 $157
Cord Blood Premium and Cord Tissue $299 $228

24-month Storage Plan — Single Birth

Service Down Payment* Monthly Payment**
Cord Blood $199 $76
Cord Blood and Cord Tissue $299 $118
Cord Blood Premium $199 $91
Cord Blood Premium and Cord Tissue $299 $132

*Fee schedule subject to change without notice. If a client has received a kit and discontinues services prior to collection, there is no cancelation fee if the kit is returned unused within two weeks from cancelation notice; otherwise, a $150 kit replacement fee will be assessed. †Additional courier service fee applies for Alaska, Hawai'i and Puerto Rico. ††Applies to one-year plan and promotional plan only. After the first year, an annual storage fee will apply. Cryo-Cell guarantees to match any written offer for product determined to be similar at Cryo-Cell’s sole discretion. ** Promotional Plan cannot be combined with any other promotional offers, coupons or financing.

In order to preserve more types and quantity of umbilical cord stem cells and to maximize possible future health options, Cryo-Cell’s umbilical cord tissue service provides expectant families with the opportunity to cryogenically store their newborn’s umbilical cord tissue cells contained within substantially intact cord tissue. Should umbilical cord tissue cells be considered for potential utilization in a future therapeutic application, further laboratory processing may be necessary. Regarding umbilical cord tissue, all private blood banks’ activities for New York State residents are limited to collection, processing, and long-term storage of umbilical cord tissue stem cells. The possession of a New York State license for such collection, processing and long-term storage does not indicate approval or endorsement of possible future uses or future suitability of these cells.

For the 12- and 24-month payment plans, down payment is due at enrollment. In-house financing cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. *Please add $50 to the down payment for medical courier service if you're located in Alaska, Hawai'i or Puerto Rico. **Actual monthly payment will be slightly lower than what is being shown. For the length of the term, the annual storage fee is included in the monthly payment. Upon the child's birthday that ends the term and every birthday after that, an annual storage fee will be due. These fees are currently $150 for cord blood and $150 for cord tissue and are subject to change.