Patented Stem Cell Therapy to Treat Heart Failure Uses Cord Blood Stem Cells

Creative Medical Health Inc. was issued the patent titled, “Combination Therapy of Cardiovascular Disease.” The patent covers the use of adult stem cells such as cord blood and mesenchymal stem cells in combination with modulation of oxidative stress in treatment of heart failure. Additionally, the patent covers in-treatment assessment of oxidative stress so as to give doctors ability to personalize the treatment protocol to the particular needs of the patient.

The patent is based on animal and clinical data, demonstrating that manipulation of oxidative stress potently synergies with cord blood and mesenchymal stem cells to greatly augment regenerative effects of stem cells after administration.

"Stem cell therapy is a clinical reality, with several treatments approved by regulatory authorities around the world. We are moving to the next level of stem cell therapy, where patient-specific treatments and manipulation of the conditions in which stem cells are implanted are becoming critical,” said Dr. Amit N. Patel, Director of the Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering in the Department of Surgery at the University of Utah, and founding Board Member of Creative Medical Health.

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