New Hope in Alzheimer's Through Stem Cells

In recent years the science community has been working hard to discover the many uses of stem cells. While some consider the study of stem cells to be controversial, the findings have continued to show endless possibilities. In recent studies researchers have found a link between stem cells and restoring memory capabilities.

Researchers in the United States have found a way to turn stem cells into a specific type of brain cell related to Alzheimer’s Disease. This disease targets the memory cells and slowly damages them causing memory loss and ultimately brain deterioration. The stride in stem cell research shows hope of slowing and possibly even stopping the onset of this disease.
The cells that are being created are critical to the functions of the brain connected to memory and recollection.

The stem cells being used are embryonic which are said to easily conform to different cells when placed in the right environment. The cells were changed into neurons which are considered to be the first brain cells destroyed in the early stages of Alzheimer’s.