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Cryo-Cell has been a publicly traded company since 1991. Governed by the Securities & Exchange Commission, our common stock trades under the OTC QB: symbol CCEL. We specialize in stem cell preservation for family use.

Key Stakeholders Support Cryo-Cell International Leadership in Proxy Contest

Individuals who are in the best position to observe and evaluate the performance of the current Cryo-Cell International [OTCQB Symbol: CCEL] Board and executive management are strongly supporting them as they face a bid for control of the company by a former Board member. The group assumed leadership in August 2011.



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Cryo-Cell Leadership Sets the Record Straight on Efforts to Date

Cryo-Cell International, Inc. [OTCQB Symbol: CCEL] updated shareholders with results achieved by the current Board's leadership, which is being challenged for control of the company by previous Board members Ki Yong Choi and his brother-in-law.



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Cryo-Cell Reports Financial Results For Fiscal 2011

“Cryo-Cell fiscal 2011 results are indicative of a company that is in the process of making many organizational and operational improvements,” stated David Portnoy, Cryo-Cell’s Chairman and Co-CEO. “Although the implementation of these steps is still in the early stages, we are encouraged in our belief that our goals will be achieved.”



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